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About Us.

Why student love us.

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Smart, Agile, Imaginative

Innoshiksha is an organization created with the goal of free and easily available education supported with innovative methods in teaching-learning process.

All the resources can be availed by anyone, anywhere irrespective of their country, profession, gender or age.

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We are a young team of innovative minds from India’s premier institutes (IITs). With the background in technology, we are trying to create an conducive atmosphere for teaching-learning process.

We believe that education is the key of all positive changes. If someone wants to make a change in the world, then education is the best platform for genesis of the change. There is an old saying in hindi “Akela chana bhad kya phode” (a lone gram can’t bust the oven) but our belief goes contrary to this say. Despite of being small team, we are prepared to make a big difference. Our small efforts will one day prepare an ocean of change. ”boond boond sagar banta hai”. Drop by drop, the ocean is made. And the ocean is very definitely something major.

Why Can We Help You?

How students can use it?

Student can make use of our wide innovative resources like WikiEasy articles, Jigyasa questions and several articles. Very soon, we will develop educational resources like videos, assignments, practice problems etc. to supplement their school curriculum.

How parents & teachers can use it?

Parents can make available the selected resources from our website to supplement the learning diet of their children. In addition, teachers and parents can learn from our free educational resources to help their students and children in class or at home.

School at your home!

Our whole strategy is to bring school at the home only to eliminate the fear of school and make the learning process as integral part of life.



Work With Us

We are offering great oppurtunites for Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development.
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